Party in La La Land: New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, or L.A. as it is more commonly known, is the busiest city in the state of California, U.S.A. Known across the world as the home of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and rich and glamorous celebrities, the city compensates for its populated center with a scenic surrounding of valleys, forests and mountain ranges. At Christmas […]

Grapes at Midnight: New Year’s Eve in Barcelona


Spain’s second largest city has a reputation for unbeatable parties and a vibrant nightlife scene. Once a year, on New Year’s Eve, Barcelona comes alive with revelry, taking the buzzing atmosphere from the beaches to the street parties and city centre clubs. Traditionally, Spanish New Year celebrations begin with anread more

Welcome to New Year’s Eve in Berlin


A city dripping in history and culture, Berlin knows how to host a celebration. The expanse between Brandenburg Gate and Victory Column, that was once divided by the Berlin Wall, will be filled with approximately one million people looking to welcome in the New Year. Partying way past midnight and into the early hours of […]

Experience New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam


Known throughout the year as being the place for the ultimate party experiences, Amsterdam outdoes itself on New Year’s Eve and becomes home to the best free party in Europe. The entire central part of the capital city is transformed into a designated celebration space, erupting into a vivid firework display once the clockread more